Peduli Ciptaan Indonesia is a community organization founded in 2016 by Yayasan Mitra Pengembangan Indonesia.  Peduli Ciptaan Indonesia coordinates community activities designed to raise awareness about environmental issues.  We also encourage behavioural change that will lead to transformation of local environments.  Peduli Ciptaan Indonesia is currently based in Bandung and focuses on projects across West Java and other provinces in Indonesia


Transformed quality of life through enhanced local environments


Peduli Ciptaan Indonesia partners with local communities to improve quality of life through environmental enhancement, and encourages people to explore their motivation to care for the whole of Creation, including humanity.

Guiding Principals:

Social Transformation: Social conditions cannot be divorced from environmental conditions. We recognize the nexus between poverty and the environment and note that those in the community most impacted by environmental degradation are the poor. We therefore contend that the plight of the poor can be reversed by improving local environments. Thus, any improvement to the environment has a social benefit. We seek to understand the situation of the poor and work alongside them towards fullness of life. We seek to facilitate an engagement between the poor and the affluent that opens both to transformation.  We respect the poor as active participants, not passive recipients, in this relationship.   The need for transformation is common to all.  Together we share a quest for justice, peace, reconciliation and healing in a broken world.

Community Participation: We value Community Participation as a great way to learn from one another, encourage each other and develop collective expectations about how to treat each other, as well as how we treat the Earth that sustains us. Done well, it’s also great fun, sharing together in a common cause. Communities of diverse backgrounds can show solidarity around shared values, including how we care for Creation.

Community Empowerment: We believe empowering local communities can make a contribution towards environmental sustainability. This involves equipping local communities to “think globally and act locally” and speak out when they see injustice towards the earth. If a local community can identify a problem, together we can strive to find a solution that works for that community. By understanding the root-cause of a problem we can address the issue at the source, rather than merely treat the downstream effect.

Partnerships: We value partnerships with community groups, other organisations (for-profit and not-for-profit) and individuals, who share our values and are interested in supporting our programs through participation, donations, sponsorships or in-kind contributions. Likewise, we support programs of other organisations that align with our values. Through such partnerships we seek to learn from one another, reach-out to communities and leverage positive environmental outcomes within partnering organisations, households and in the wider environments in which they are located.

Behaviour Change: Behaviour change refers to the transformation of a person’s or a community’s conduct and activities. We believe that our current response to the global environmental crisis is not sustainable. We value behaviour change that can contribute towards a more sustainable future. We believe behaviour change is more likely to succeed when as a community, we can connect the need for change with our spirituality. Therefore we value being open to discuss the connection between faith and the environment, regardless of the particular faith background of our stakeholders.

Environmental Stewardship:  We believe the Earth was created to sustain humanity and humanity has a responsibility to manage all of Creation in a responsible way. We therefore value Environmental Stewardship as a practical and spiritual discipline that reflects our respect, love and surrender towards our Creator.